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Robinsons Greenhouses

Robinsons Ramsbury

Robinsons Ramsbury

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Optional Extras

  • Hanging basket brackets
  • Louvre window
  • Additional roof vents
  • Auto louvre opener
  • Cresting and finials
  • Additional door
  • Internal roof shading blinds
  • Slatted Shelf
  • Slatted Staging

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Product Description

Robinsons Ramsbury

Discover the epitome of elegance and functionality with our Robinsons Ramsbury Greenhouses from the Victorian range. Built to marry traditional Victorian style with modern performance, this greenhouse isn't just a garden structure; it's a statement piece. The eye-catching design is elevated by the inclusion of cast aluminium spandrels at both eaves and ridge, reinforcing the structure without sacrificing style. Your plants will thank you for the extra height and room to grow, courtesy of the 45-degree pitch roof that not only provides a Victorian ambiance but also enhances light transmission and air circulation.

The Victorian range comes in five new contemporary colors, effortlessly blending modernity with its historic design. Convenience is at the forefront, with an extra-wide hinged door that offers a wide access point, secure lock, and low threshold, making it perfect for gardeners of all ages. Choose from either glass-to-ground or dwarf wall models to suit your specific gardening needs.

No need to worry about ventilation; louvre side vents come as standard, and the increased number of automatic roof vents takes care of air circulation. With its extra strong box section ridge bar and unique Robinsons box section glazing bars, this greenhouse promises exceptional rigidity and durability. The 4mm toughened full sheet safety glass provides both beauty and resilience against the elements.

Additional features such as extra-wide Victorian-styled guttering, cresting & finials options, and 7 x roof vents with automatic opening make this greenhouse a cut above the rest. To top it all off, enjoy peace of mind with a free 10-year guarantee. The greenhouse arrives flat-packed for self-assembly, but installation is available for a fee should you require it.

Robinsons Ramsbury Greenhouses offer a timeless aesthetic married with cutting-edge features, making it the perfect investment for any passionate gardener.

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Standard Features

Robinsons Ramsbury

Bar capping

Unlike traditional glazing methods that involve glass-to-metal contact, our low profile glazing system provides a superior solution. Black PVC capping firmly grips the glass onto air-filled rubber cushions, eliminating any direct contact between the glass and metal components. Then matching powder coated aluminium covers (white PVC for plain aluminium), snap over the PVC capping, giving a neat, flush finished appearance.

Vulnerable glass guard

One of the most vulnerable glazed areas of your greenhouse, is the area just above ground level, where stones flying from lawnmowers can shatter an entire panel. Robinsons greenhouses have all been designed with a 12" high pane all around the base of the greenhouse, making it cheaper and easier to replace.

Integral Guttering

Our integral aluminium guttering is extremely neat and strong being built into the design of the greenhouse at eaves height. Two 25mm PVC downpipes take the rainwater away and we provide a range of optional extra fittings should you wish to collect and use this valuable natural resource.


Downpipes come as standard with a Robinsons. Fitting neatly onto the integral guttering and clipped to the corner bar, they are ideal for channeling and ultimately storing precious rainwater, when a water butt is added.

Ridge spandrels

In addition to their practical function, these ridge spandrels contribute to the greenhouse's attractive Victorian design. The intricate details and carefully designed motifs create an ambiance of timeless elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to your garden or outdoor space.

Eaves spandrels

The eaves spandrels not only contribute to the overall strength of the frame but also add to the classic Victorian-style finish of the greenhouse. The powder-coated finish enhances the visual appeal while providing protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring a pristine appearance for years to come.


Fresh circulating air is so important in creating the perfect environment for growing plants. These louvres work in conjunction with the roof vents, drawing fresh cool air in, and pushing warm stale air out. Optional auto openers can be added to your louvres, for trouble free ventilation and further peace of mind.

Roof vent openers

Say goodbye to manual adjustments and the uncertainty of providing adequate airflow. Our Bayliss XL automatic openers are installed as standard, reflecting our commitment to delivering a seamless and worry-free greenhouse experience. Let these innovative devices work their magic, ensuring optimal ventilation and maintaining an ideal environment for your plants throughout the day.

Low threshold step

The Robinsons Victorian Greenhouses have considered accessibility in their design, particularly with regards to the greenhouse doorway. The low threshold featured in their design offers several benefits, including easy wheelchair and wheelbarrow access, as well as eliminating the inconvenience and potential trip hazard posed by a higher step.

Lockable hinged door

The lockable hinged greenhouse door with deep glazed panes and embossed Victorian styling at the base combines functionality, elegance, and a touch of nostalgia. It not only provides a secure entrance to your greenhouse but also enhances its visual appeal, creating a delightful space to nurture your plants and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Robinsons Ramsbury

Greenhouse Specifications

Frame and Glazing Materials

  • Cast aluminium ridge spandrels
  • Cast aluminium eaves spandrels
  • Heavy duty aluminium frame
  • 4mm toughened saftey glass

Additions / Options / Bespoke Configurations

We offer a variety of optional additions to enhance your greenhouse experience. First, our range includes practical features like roller blinds and shade netting kits. The roller blind, designed for Robinsons greenhouses, provides easy temperature control and protection from direct sunlight. The shade netting kit offers horticultural-grade shade for one side of the roof, allowing you to adjust sunlight exposure as needed.

For convenience and automation, consider our automatic louvre openers. These devices ensure you never miss a sunny spell, as they automatically adjust the louvres to regulate temperature and airflow. Additionally, our 6 slat louvres provide enhanced ventilation, promoting better air circulation for your plants.

To maximise functionality, our fully height-adjustable staging and shelving offer ample workspace and storage. These robust additions are bolted to the side of the greenhouse, allowing you to customise the perfect working height and utilise the space underneath for heavy storage or extra growing area.

Our integral aluminium guttering efficiently channels rainwater, and you can complement it with a 100-litre slimline water butt to collect and utilise this valuable resource.

By selecting from these optional additions, you can create a customised greenhouse that meets your specific needs and preferences, making your gardening experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Building Dimensions

Robinsons Ramsbury

A: Base Width 4459 mm (14ft7)

B: Length starting from 2632 mm (14ft8)

C: Eaves Height 1923 mm (6ft3)

D: Ridge Height 3557 mm (11ft8)

E: Door Width 818 mm (2ft8)

F: Door height 1988 mm (6ft6)

  • Auto Louvre

    With this advanced automation system, you can rest assured that you won't be caught off guard by sudden sunny spells or unexpected temperature fluctuations. The automatic louvre openers constantly monitor the conditions within your greenhouse, striving to maintain the ideal environment for your plants.

  • Cresting and Finials

    Add a touch of timeless elegance to your greenhouse with our optional ornate ridge cresting and finials. These exquisite architectural details are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your structure, bringing a classic Victorian charm to your garden.

  • Slimline Water Butt

    Consider adding a 100-litre slimline water butt to your greenhouse setup. This optional accessory enables you to collect and utilise rainwater for your gardening needs. By connecting the water butt to the guttering system, you can effortlessly collect and store rainwater, reducing your reliance on other water sources.

  • Staging

    Our optional staging and shelving offer full height adjustability, providing a versatile solution for organising your greenhouse. These sturdy additions are securely bolted to the side of the greenhouses using tubular cantilever supports, ensuring exceptional strength and stability.

Robinsons Ramsbury

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Robinsons Ramsbury

Placing an Order

What to Expect When Placing an Order

Placing an order:

You can place your order online, in person at any of our 36 UK display sites, over the phone, or through a trusted third-party agent.  Our sales team are available to help if you have specific requirements and questions.

Deposit Payment:

Once you've made your selection, simply pay a 10% minimum risk-free refundable deposit on your chosen greenhouse. It's a hassle-free process that takes just a few moments, ensuring your order is secured swiftly.


As soon as your order is placed, we spring into action. Your greenhouse is scheduled for production at our factory in Staffordshire, UK. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously construct each greenhouse, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Delivery Arrangements:

Our dedicated delivery team promptly reaches out to you to arrange a convenient delivery date. We understand that timing is crucial, so if needed, you have the flexibility to postpone delivery for up to a year. This ensures that the price remains guaranteed while you prepare the groundwork or wait for the perfect growing season.

Balance Payment:

As the scheduled delivery date approaches, simply make the final payment of the remaining balance. It's a straightforward step, allowing you to complete the process effortlessly and eagerly anticipate the arrival of your new greenhouse.

Swift and Reliable Delivery:

We take care of everything, delivering your brand-new greenhouse ourselves. Our trusted team arrives in one of our branded vans or lorries, ensuring a secure and reliable transport of your greenhouse right to your doorstep. With us at the helm, you can rest assured that the delivery process will be efficient and smooth.


Experience the ease and speed of placing an order with us as we bring your dream greenhouse to life, from order placement to hassle-free delivery.


All of our glass greenhouses are delivered on dedicated transport. Delivery lead times vary throughout the year dependent upon demand. Delivery of greenhouses to Mainland England and Wales is free, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland cost more. Delivery costs will be calculated and displayed at checkout before any payment is required.

You will be contacted via telephone about a week before our intended date of delivery. It is important to note that you do not have to be in for delivery, as most of our deliveries are to houses where people are out at work, we will make sure that you know when the greenhouse is being delivered. You can give us specific instructions about where to leave the greenhouse when we ring you to book the delivery in. We will not deliver the greenhouse without speaking to you first.


100% refund Guarantee - if for any reason you don't agree that your new greenhouse is the finest available at the best possible price, then simply put it back into its original box and return it to us within 30 days of delivery. We guarantee to refund you 100% of the price paid, less agreed delivery and collection charges.

All Goods to be returned must first have the authorisation of Online Greenhouses. Failure to obtain such authorisation may result in the rejection of the return.

In the event that the manufacturer replacing or repairing the goods and the seller receiving these Goods back from the manufacturer, the Seller shall immediately despatch those Goods at his own cost to the Buyer.

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