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Slatted Staging 37" X 4ft Mill

Slatted Staging 37" X 4ft Mill


Robinsons slatted staging and shelving is designed to make the most of your available space, and can be fitted at any height. As the staging is attached to the inside of the glazing bar and supported by braces, it doesn't require legs, ensuring that no space is wasted and makes it easier to work at the staging from a wheelchair. This type of greenhouse staging is currently one of the strongest on the market. 

Very Important - This Staging will ONLY fit Robinsons Brand Greenhouses. 

Please do not try and fit this staging to other greenhouses, there is a risk you could damage the framework as most greenhouses are not designed to support the weight of integral staging and shelving. 


  • B: Length 1246 mm (4ft1)


  • Installation available for a fee