• Double sliding doors
  • Free 10 Year Guarantee
  • High eaves
  • Door lock
  • Toughened glass (4mm)
  • Installation available for a fee
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The Robinsons Regal 12'7"(3824mm) greenhouse

The 12’6” wide Robinsons Regal is ideal for the larger garden. The extra width means that you could layout your Regal with three rows of staging and two paths. You can create a large greenhouse by adding more 8ft extensions - 12x24 and 12x32 for example are popular sizes. The availability of internal partition walls complete with doors mean that you can create multiple environments within the greenhouse.

Good access through the 4ft wide double doors is practical as the integral low-level threshold provides easy access for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs. Multiple automatic roof vents come as standard (quantity depends on the length) and of course the Regal is made with the famous Robinsons box section glazing bars with low profile glazing system where the screw-in PVC capping grips the glass into the frame tightly for extra strength and an elegant and pleasing appearance. You can also choose dwarf wall versions and even drop-door models for extra height.

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A = 3824mm (12'7")

B = From 2632 to an unlimted length

C = 1692mm (5'6")

D = 2702mm (8'10")

E = 1200mm (4')

F = 1870mm (6'2")


This super quality roller blind is specially designed for the Robinsons greenhouse and bolts to the glazing bars at the top of the roof. You can then pull the blind down and hook on by the gutter. Blinds are ideal to help you control the environment during the hotter weather. Internal blinds have the advantage that they are not savaged by the wind and they still allow beneficial warmth in whilst stopping harmful direct sun burn. Can also be fitted on a side of greenhouse.

These simple systems consist of Horticultural grade shade netting specially made into a kit for one side of the roof. The 8ft wide net also drapes partially down the side of the greenhouse (depending on the size of the roof). The kit hooks on when in use or you can roll it up and tie back when not required.

For the ultimate in automation add these automatic louvre openers and fix them to your louvres. That way you can be sure that you’re never caught out by a sunny spell.

Optional 6 slat louvres

Fully height adjustable, our optional staging and shelving is extremely strong as it is bolted to the side of the greenhouses using tubular cantilever supports. You can set it to your perfect working height along the complete length of your greenhouse and with no vertical legs this then leaves plenty of room underneath for storage of heavy items such as bags of compost and large post or extra growing space.

Dwarf wall models. We can adapt most Robinsons models to sit on a standard height dwarf wall, roughly 2ft high. In addition there are a number of easy modifctaions that can be made to the greenhouse which will help you if you are needing a slightly more bespoke greenhouse.

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Optional victorian ridge cresting

Our integral aluminium guttering is extremely neat and strong being built into the design of the greenhouse at eaves height. Two 25mm PVC downpipes take the rainwater away and we provide a range of optional extra fittings should you wish to collect and use this valuable natural resource.

Three different finishes

You can have your greenhouse in plain aluminium. If you opt for a plain aluminium (mill) finish, then the bar capping will be provided in a contrasting white colour. You can have your Robinsons greenhouse specially powder coated in a white* or green. Powder coating is an extremely durable method of adding colour to your greenhouse. We guarantee powder coated finishes against flacking and discolouring for 10 years, though in reality its likely the powder coated finish will stay looking new for the lifetime of the greenhouse. Bar capping is provided in a matching colour providing a very neat look.

*White costs 10% more except on Victorian models where there is no extra charge.

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